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Andy & Denise - Something New

Something New (2009)

$16.00 (S/H included)

Songs: Are You Listning, Robbery, Dance In The Moonlight, Sienna, California, Stay Here For Awhile, On The Water's Edge, Santa Ana, Just Chillin', Tudor City, Insomnia

Andy Fox - Only Bamboo

Only Bamboo (2005)

Full length and EP only available through CandyRat Records.

Songs: Corn Syrup, Only Bamboo, While You Were Sleeping, Sisters, The Long Walk Home, Don't Walk The Cat, 825 Square Feet, Traffic, The Day After, Red Dress, Here I Live, Glad I Have You

Andy & Denise - Four CD Bundle

Bundle (All four CDs)

LISTEN | $44.00 (S/H included)

Andy & Denise - Two CD Set

Set (Our two newest)

LISTEN | $27.00 (S/H included)

Andy & Denise - Covers

Covers (2004)

LISTEN | $16.00 (S/H included)

Songs: Canoe Song, Tanglewood Tree, Amaze Me, So Much Mine, Shake You Down, Sullivan Street, Come Talk To Me, Time After Time, Clearwater, Mockingbird

Andy Fox - The Long Walk Home

The Long Walk Home (2004)

LISTEN | $16.00 (S/H included)

Songs: The Long Walk Home, Red Dress, Ritual Dance, Sisters, While You Were Sleeping, Lost In The Woods, 825 Square Feet, Traffic, Here I Lived, The Day After

Andy & Denise - Go

Go (2002)

LISTEN | $16.00 (S/H included)

Songs: South, Reservoir, Big Wheel, Go, Empty Chairs, Living In Suburbia, Move Into My Heart, 147 White Oak Lane, Winter, No Lie, Body On The Pier, Silver & Gold

Andy & Denise - Sunlight In Goodbye

Sunlight In Goodbye (1999)

LISTEN | $16.00 (S/H included)

Songs: Sunlight In Goodbye, Laughing, All of Everything, Naked Circles, Something To Someone, If You Could Be Here Now, Norman Turner's Blues, Sleep, Counting Misses, Erin's Song

Other projects that have included our music


ah-Mig-IG-dah-la - Omen Productions used our song Sienna for their extreme skiing DVD.

Music-lectic: Striking a chord

Music-lectic: Striking a chord - Two of our songs were used on this benefit CD for the fires that devasted Southern California in 2003.


International Orders

For those interested in International Orders, please email us directly!